A shared message from Judge Christy Bishop and Judge Chris Stride of the 19th Judicial Circuit.

It’s hard to believe that we’re less than 6 months away from the November election.

In March of 2017, as legally required of judges appointed by the state supreme court to serve, we launched our election campaigns. Our names appeared on the March 2018 ballot, each unopposed for our positions.

So why are we still actively campaigning?

It’s quite simple. This campaign has never been about the election, it has been about getting out of the courtroom and into the community as much as possible.


It has been such a tremendous learning experience for us, and an incredible opportunity to meet so many people across Lake County.

The parades and summer events are wonderful ways to appreciate the people and the places, and to continue to remind every citizen of their right to vote and their obligation to be well informed about every candidate, even the ones who may be unopposed!


So please show your support for us by helping to spread the word and the hashtag #VoteLakeCounty.

Our campaigns are far from over.  We will both continue to speak out about the importance of voting and knowing as much as you can about the people whose names appear on the ballot.

Countdown to November 6th Election Day








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